Same-Day Cannabis Delivery MADE EASY!

RUSH420 Mobile Dispensary is a same day cannabis delivery service operating in Edmonton, Vancouver, RIchmond, and Burnaby, with plans to launch in other cities across Canada in 2020.

RUSH420 provides 100% Canadian grown craft cannabis from local growers and suppliers who take their businesses seriously. RUSH420 products are lab tested and organically grown. We only provide the best cannabis there is. 

Same-Day Cannabis Delivery from RUSH420.

RUSH420 brands all it’s products so you know you are getting the best there is every time. 

If you are interested in running your own RUSH420 Mobile Dispensary Service let us know. Our RUSH Delivery System can be licensed to those who are interested and for a very low buy-in you can be up and running in as little as a week and profiting from day one. Email us at INFO@RUSH420.CA

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Rush420 Cannabis Delivery Service.