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Black Market Weed Delivery

Would someone please tell me what is so wrong about the black market anyways. I am only referring to weed here. Babies and kidneys don’t count. Same with pharmaceutical drugs or anything that is synthesized by man. The only type of black market I am referring to is the black market for cannabis. It should have its own folder rather than be lumped in with everything else from Chinese knock-offs to human slaves. What is so damn wrong about the weed black market?

It’s my position that the black cannabis market has caught a bad name. We all now know how wrong prohibition was. What an enormous waste of money it was and how it propelled the price of cannabis to over $3000/lb at one point.  Tomatoes, by comparison, are $3/lb. But that isnt the fault of the people who use cannabis. When the government made cannabis illegal and put it in the same category as heroin, they instantly put the kibosh on any studies or experiments of cannabis for over 100 years. Obviously, there was a motive behind doing this. Most likely someone who had some clout with the government and who also owned a pharmaceutical company said ‘Whoa, wait a minute. This cannabis is a therapeutic medicine. We can’t have that messing up our sales of pain pills and arthritis creams. Make it illegal and we won’t have to worry too much about it”

But what they didn’t plan for was the devastation to  a quarter of the population that use cannabis ended up facing. Families were torn apart as husbands and mothers were thrown in jails, fined thousands of dollars, lost their homes, had their children taken away from them…the list goes one. Its almost unbelievable that we, as humans, could let something so wrong, happen to so many, for so long. But we did. And we are paying the price now. Broken homes, people resorting to stealing to feed their families because of criminal charges…again the list goes on and on. It will take generations to recover from the chaos and destruction prohibition brought upon the people of Canada.

It only was a matter of time before someone in the government caught on to what was happening at the grassroots level. They finally smelled the money. That’s what it was. That’s why the government got into cannabis. Tax money. Not medicine or recreation, it’s because they lost a court battle and they smelled the money.

Now the government has got a hold of the ball for a couple of rushes. And look…they fumbled already. But at the same time, they’ve spoken to “hundreds” of people on how to best handle cannabis. I guess those hundred people were non-cannabis users because the information the government received did not express the thoughts of those who use cannabis regularly. Not even close.

The cannabis black market is not the criminals the government wants you to believe. The cannabis black market is your uncles and sisters and brothers and cousins and neighbours. It’s even you if you’ve used cannabis in the last hundred years

What’s sad is that every day I read how the black market is criminals that lace the weed with fentanyl, or speed, and park outside schools dishing out their unique candy. Heres the one fact I know. Around where I live – mid-size-western- a city of just over a million, the black market is getting us by. Everyone I know buys from or is involved in the cannabis black market in some form or other. And that’s cool with me. Legalization sucks so far.

Long story short. The black market is you and me. It’s us they are talking about when they refer to cannabis criminals. Not them. Us. Be careful about what you do with us.