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How to Avoid Germs When Consuming Cannabis?

How to Avoid Germs When Consuming Cannabis?


One of the problems with sharing a bong is that there can be a transfer of germs in the process.


In this article, we find answers to your questions on how to avoid catching coronavirus when smoking weed together.

Hanging out with other cool people sharing a few rips off the ol’ bong can be a great way to spend an afternoon or evening, whether it’s with good friends or people you just met, its usually an amazing experience for everyone. There is laughter in the air, and bonds are created between hits that can last a lifetime.


But in truth, it’s not often the most hygienic thing a person can do. Especially when it comes to transferring germs from one person to the other.


In a study conducted by Moose Labs, a Los Angeles-based cannabis accessories company co-founded by brothers Dan and Jay Rush, the duo was able to quantify the number of germs found in a shared cannabis piece, joint, or vape pen. Their findings were quite jarring, to say the least.


“We found that the average public toilet seat is cleaner than the average bong that we tested, and that’s horrifyingly disgusting,” said Jay Rush.


 “The average gas station toilet seat was about 900 bacteria per square inch, whereas the average bong was 3,000 bacteria per square inch.”


According to the research, the average cannabis pipe has as much surface bacteria as 2 1/2 dirty gas station toilet seats or 25 dog food bowls. People don’t usually share the same glass at a bar or fork in a restaurant, so why are we so comfortable going to cannabis events or social gatherings and sharing the same cannabis piece?


“There are so many different viruses and types of bacteria that can be spread by sharing pieces and pipes,” he explained. “The more people that are starting to smoke as legalization becomes more prevalent, the more people you’re going to be sharing with.”


RUSH420 is here to provide our neighbours and friends with some tips on how to avoid germs during your next session.


  1. Keep Your Piece Clean


The most effective way to avoid bacteria and germs from infringing upon your session is to keep your pipe, bong, or dab rig clean. There are several methods that can be used to clean the resin off your glass piece, but perhaps the most popular practice is using 99% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and coarse sea salt.


Although it’s not quite feasible to give your bong a deep cleaning in the middle of a session, keeping your glassware clean will go a long way in eliminating bacteria and improving the overall cannabis experience. The exact step-by-step process will depend on whether you’re cleaning a small glass pipe or a larger bong, but the overall procedure is largely the same.


Although you’re not coming into direct contact with the leftover residue or used bong water, a dirty piece has a major impact on the overall consumption experience. For instance, the flavor of your cannabis will be significantly hindered by a dirty piece, as the residue from past sessions could negatively impact the current session. Thankfully, there are certain pieces coming to the market that are designed with flavor and easy cleaning in mind, such as the Genius Pipe.


“It’s very hard to distinguish the difference if you’re smoking the same bowl or bong that has not been cleaned, you’re basically tasting the same thing you smoked months ago even if you’re smoking else,” Dyan Ferman, CEO of Genius Pipe, told Weedmaps News. “Being able to distinguish between the taste is very critical to the experience.”


  1. Purchase an Accessory to Help Keep the Germs Away


If you’re smoking in a social setting or don’t have time to scrub off the germs after each hit (and let’s face it, who does?), there are a variety of attachments you can use on almost any device.


For example, to help cannabis consumers enjoy their weed products in a cleaner, more enjoyable way, Moose Labs created the MouthPeace, a universal cannabis smoking accessory that fits onto pipes, bowls, and vapes. Not only does this silicone-made attachment act as a middleman between your mouth and germs, it also has a built-in filter to reduce the amount of tar and residue that enters your lungs, while still allowing THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes to be inhaled.  


The MouthPeace is available in various sizes, making it suitable for anything from towering bongs to an average-sized joint. If you want to be germ-free in a more stylish way, there are also a number of joint and blunt bubblers that will filter the smoke and keep your lips away from any germs collecting at the mouthpiece area. Just be prepared for your friends to ask whether they can use this nifty attachment as well.


  1. Be Mindful of How Many Hits Are Going Around


It’s also important to keep in mind how much bacteria may be present on a particular glass piece, vape pen, or joint.


For the Moose Labs study, for instance, the company set up booths at a couple of cannabis events in Southern California, offering free hits from a dab rig to 200 total participants, half of whom used their MouthPeace and the other half who hit the piece without any device. Despite the fact that this long line of strangers were repeatedly taking hits from the same rig, only about 5% of the participants used the free alcohol wipes to clean the piece before consuming. 


It may seem difficult and time-consuming to scrub down a piece after every single hit, but nonetheless, it’s important to be mindful about how many people have put their mouth onto a piece before it ends up in your hands. Whether that be at a cannabis event, a consumption space, or even among a small circle of friends, remember that there’s likely an unnerving amount of bacteria on the mouthpiece area.


“Using a light flame is not as effective as thoroughly cleaning with alcohol, but it does reduce some of the bacteria,” Rush explained. “We tested a lighter pass and T-shirt wipe and both of them reduced bacteria, but not to a sanitary level, more like from 1800 to 1100 bacteria per square inch.”





PRE 98 BUBBA KUSH STRAIN REVIEW – Pre 98 Bubba Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. The strain originated in the late 90’s, in the period where heavy indicas where reveered.  The strain has been a favorite of indica lovers for over two decades and offers a deep body stone that is great for lazy days or to unwind at night after busy days.

The origins of the strain are rather sketchy, with some saying it was a landrace variety imported from Pakistan/Afghanistan in the 80’s, to other claims by breeder Bubba which state the strain appeared quite by accident, even linking it’s early days to hip hop group Cypress Hill.

Pre 98 Bubba Kush has a pungent citrus aroma wrapped up with a delicious Earthiness. Many users even find an aftertaste of coffee to be prevalent upon exhalation. While the smoke is a bit harsh and the taste of the strain isn’t quite as pronounced as the scent suggests, it is still a great strain, especially for those who favor indica.

The medium hued green buds of Pre 98 Bubba Kush are well frosted with glistening trichome heads. Dashes of dark purple give the nuggets a haunting look when coupled with the generous frosting of crystals.

The effects of this smoke are considerably potent, so be advised that a deep relaxation will set in. This makes Pre 98 Bubba Kush great in the treatment of insomnia, the buds commonly lulling users into a deep sleep. It can also stave off feelings of anxiety or depression with the feelings of mood elevation it offers. The effects are long lasting, so it’s also a good strain when used to alleviate pain ñ at the onset of a migraine a quick toke of Pre 98 Bubba Kush will certainly prove beneficial. Those who suffer symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Bipolar Disorder.

PRE 98 BUBBA KUSH STRAIN REVIEW – Flowering time for this strain is generally right around 9 to 10 weeks, although some claim flowering time can be achieved in as soon as 7 weeks. Pre 98 Bubba Kush yields aren’t quite as favorable as other strains, but the sticky, dense nugs will surely make the process worth it.


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Corporate weed sucks


You dont need me to tell you that. Canada’s cannabis industry has become the graveyard of cannabis crooks. As the likes of Cam Battley from Aurora jumping ship and moving half way  around the workd to Australia to avoid the  meltdown at Aurora and to do it all over again in the other hemishpere.

Not that I am really complaining. Aurora received millions and millions of dollars from investors and they built up their share price by having Cam Battely tour the country with his ‘i dont use pot’ face and fool everyone as Aurora fudged its books and used investor money as their own personal ATM.  The class action lawsuits against them are an indicator of how well these crooks too advantage of the cannabis buzz. Funny eh, the government calls the black market the crooks and look at what Auraora has done in a little more than two years. Robbed countless investors of their hard saved money. Now whos the real crooks. Aurora laid of 500 people this week too. What a shame. 

Corporate weed still sucks.

Now the interesting part is whether the industry will finanly allow those who built it in the first place to come and get in the game they created. Or will they still keep out the little guy and piss off everyone even more. 

I mean,  the government lost money last year selling weed.  And they can put anyone who tries to compete with them in jail! And they stil lost money. 

Cmon Canada, give our heads a shake. How much of your money are you going to let them take?

Corporate WeedSucks!

Support your local black market. At least you know that money is going back into the community.





For over seven years we have had a vision of building a truly iconic Canadian cannabis brand. A cannabis brand that captures the true spirit of what it means to be Canadian. Adventurous, kind, friendly, helping one another get through the hard times, and celebrating the better times like no other country on earth.

We love you Canada. You are our people.  And we want to be your cannabis brand. You rock! And RUSH420 rocks with you!

Car dont start? RUSH420 is there to lighten up the moment and to help you forget it’s fucking as cold as hell outside.

Team’s on a winning streak? RUSH420 is there for your and your friends, bringing the fire so you don’t got to go no where cause you are already there. 

We work hard and we play hard. And when its time to wind down, we do that right too. RUSH420 has you covered in all your true Canadian moments. 


We appreciate your support.

The legal system doesn’t want to let us in? That’s just wrong. And we know it. So fuck ’em. We’re doing it anyways. Just like we have for 100 years before stupid legalization.

RUSH420 has been here since the start. We didnt just get in on things when it got all easy and legal-like. We took the risk for years, when the government wouldnt help you get what you needed to get through this fucking crazy world we live in. 

Thats why we say, “Corporate Weed Sucks!” Support Your Local Black Market. We are the people that care.

Remember. Have fun. Its just weed. But its really good weed, so be cool. Hard not to be when your Canadian, eh? Fucking rights.


RUSH420 loves you Canada!

Peace. And I really mean that.

We can all do better.

RUSH420 is living up to the true spirit of Canada. And we willdo better too. You just watch us. Better products. Cooler swag. Better prices.

Give us the hammer. We will build a new way. It better work this time.

Happy Trails Edmonton!

~RUSH420 Founder

(Please buy some weed. My kids need braces.)


The Landrace Strains That Started It All

The Landrace Strains That Started It All

This list is by no means complete as many argue over how many actual landrace strains there are. But here are 10 that definitely belong on the list of influential strains that started it all.

  1. Thai: Thai stick Sativa from Thailand.

  2. Panama Red: Panama Red Sativa from Panama.

  3. Hindu Kush: Indica from the Kush Mountain range on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

  4. Afghani: Afghani Indica from the Afghan area.

  5. Durban Poison: African Sativa from Durban area of South Africa.

  6. Punto Rojo – Colombian Gold Sativa from Columbia.

  7. Acapulco Gold –Acapulco Gold Sativa from Mexico.

  8. Lamb’s Bread – Jamaican Gold Sativa from Jamaica.

  9. Malawi – Sativa from Malawi, Africa.

  10. Luang Prabang – Sativa from Laos.

  11. Cambodian Red

  12. Maui Wowie – Hawaiian

  13. Mexican Red

 No doubt, you’ve heard of Kilimanjaro or Afghan Kush, but did you know they are considered Landrace strains? Have you ever wondered what exactly a Landrace strain is, where they came from, and why they are so rare?

Man’s kinship with cannabis is documented as far back as 2900 B.C. In biblical days, cannabis grew wild in its native habitat where growers weren’t doing a lot of crossbreeding. Cannabis strains tended to be what today we call Landrace strains. Broadly speaking, a Landrace is a pure cannabis strain cultivated in its natural environment which has never been crossbred with another variety.

Landrace strains, having grown wild and indigenously over the years throughout various regions in the world with virtually no variations from one plant to another, these strains maintain remarkable consistency. You won’t find hybrid ‘landrace’ strains — generally, they are either 100% Indica or Sativa.

Where Do Landrace Strains Get Their Names?

Landrace strains are usually named after their country or region of origin. For example, Acapulco Gold and Panama Red are sativas from Mexico and South America respectively; Hindu Kush and Pure Afghan are indicas from the Afghanistan/Pakistan region.

According to lore, Landrace strains find their origins in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan, where they eventually spread to Asia, Africa, Jamaica, South America, and remarkably, Russia.

A Landrace Renaissance

In recent years, the resurgence in popularity of genetically unadulterated Landrace cannabis strains may seem to run counter to the desire of so many consumers to seek out the latest and greatest, most innovative crossbred strains. However, many consumers have sought a return to our cannabis roots.

Rick Pfrommer, Director of Education at the famous Harborside Health Center, observed:

“Original landrace and other heirloom strains are often lost in today’s hyperkinetic world of breeding. Our constant desire for new strains leads breeders to continually cross and re-cross existing strains looking for the next big thing. There is, however, a small but growing contingent of cultivators who are returning to our cannabis roots and propagating old landrace and heirloom strains.” — Rick Pfrommer

What Makes Landrace Strains So Unique?

Because Landraces are pure strains, their flavor and effects are unique and distinct from newer hybrid strains. These special plants maintain consistent and distinct characteristics. While many of these strains appeal to connoisseurs, simply because a strand is considered a Landrace doesn’t mean every Landrace’ strain represents the pinnacle of quality. Landrace is simply a designation to describe its genetic purity and indigenous upbringing.

The properties of Landrace strains vary by region, and because over their history they never experienced the sudden introduction of new genetics through hybridization, they adopt the qualities that are most ideally suited for the region they were grown. So, while these conditions don’t mean they are by definition superior, their characteristics are certainly unique.

Nevertheless, for many veteran cannabis users, lighting up a vintage strain such as Acapulco Gold can be an exciting trip down memory lane, evoking memories from an earlier era. And, in fact, many adventurous travelers have been so inspired to make the journey to the now infamous “Hippie Trail,” also known as the “Hashish Trail” (which spans Turkey to India).

Why Are Landrace Strains So Rare?

While experiencing a resurgence in consumer interest, true landrace strains have become increasingly difficult to find. Why? Think about it. If you take a Pure Afghan out of its native environment, then try to grow it in Humboldt, inevitably under a different climate and growing conditions, some of the characteristics that made it so unique will be lost.

It’s rare to see [Hindu Kush] flowers around much these days, although her family still ranks among cannabis royalty..”— High Times

Out of their indigenous environment, they must now learn to mature under an entirely different set of growing conditions. In response, the plant will take on new characteristics that not until many generations will it then stabilize and find an equilibrium. No longer will that strain perfectly resemble the original strain, but instead will now be a phenotype instead of a true Landrace.

Because historically true Landrace strains have been difficult to come by, in a quest to experience authentic Landrace strains, some Western cannabis connoisseurs have made the journey to the “Hippie Trail,” returning from home with seeds from their favorite strains.

A few of the most popular varieties include Afghanistan/Pakistan’s Hindu Kush and Pure Afghan; Jamaica’s Lamb’s Bread; Mexico’s Acapulco Gold; Africa’s Durban Poison and Malawi; and Panama Red from Central America


18 Reasons Why Legalization Failed in Canada

 18 Reasons Why Legalization Failed in Canada




Reason #1 -The people who control the weed, do not smoke the weed.


As I sit and listen to a stock market show that has Bruce Linton on as a guest, I can’t help but feel a little sad about how legalization has sterilized the pot industry, especially in Canada. Linton was the kingpin of Canopy Growth. A guy who has never smoked weed in his life. Certainly, his counterpart at Aurora, Cam Battley, has never consumed cannabis. Battley is the self-proclaimed ‘squarest guy’ in the industry. And normally this wouldn’t even bother me, but it weed we are talking about here, not widgets. It’s far more personal. These guys weren’t part of the club, not ever, and now they are in control of the clubhouse? I just don’t think these guys can really relate to their customers.


Now if I am an investor, I probably want a guy like Linton or Battley running the company I’ve invested my money into. They know how to build companies and therefore build my net worth. But weed shouldn’t be on the stock market in the first place. And these guys should be selling computers, not my precious weed. This is the first reason cannabis is failing in Canada.




Reason #2 -They Are Making Weed Boring


The bureaucrats have officially taken the fun out of weed. Now it’s only about the money. Billions and billions of dollars changing hands in accounting departments and boardrooms of the legal dispensaries and licensed grow factories. The government is right there too, taking their cut at every step of the way. And the insider politicians and enforcement types, who were privy to the plan early on, are now filling their pockets with cannabis money and buying new themselves boats.


So, where does that leave all the regular people like me and you? If you were smart enough to buy some cannabis stocks early on, and then sold them when they peaked last year, maybe you made a decent buck or two. But you had to have had money in the first place to do that. I’ve been smoking weed for 40 years, and I can’t remember getting high with many really wealthy people. I don’t think weed was their thing, it being illegal at the time. It just wasn’t worth the risk.  Weed is used more at the grassroots level, I think. And I mean that in the nicest way too. Those of us who buy weed are probably some of the nicest people there are in Canada. Rarely have I met a stoner who wasn’t polite as fuck, and usually giving to a fault. I think this is because sharing is something stoners practice. It’s part of the weed culture. Just like the peace sign. And peace.


I already miss the hippies and beaded doorways and black lights and Cheech and Chong. Weed used to be fun. And now it’s not. Now…. it’s just beige. This is reason #2 why legalization is failing in Canada.




Reason #3 – I Already Miss the Black Market


Overpackaged cannabis with weird strain names that someone just made up this year is ridiculous. Try to buy some ’71 Maui Wowie from a government dispensary. It aint going to happen. What you will get is some dry popcorn-like weed that is hardly appealing unless you’re a 10-year-old kid that’s never seen good weed before. It’s embarrassing what they are trying to sell us. A pre-roll cost my friend $15 dollars the other day. Sure, he got high, but I am telling you, that I can grow that same joint for 0.10 cents any day of the week. And that is Reason #3 I hope their system fails. I miss the black market already. The black market has been here for us since day 1 of prohibition, right up until today. They took the risk for us. And now the government wants us to turn our backs on the people who actually cared about us. I find that a hard pill to swallow. I am going to support my local black market for as long as it is around. That’s the solid thing to do.






Reason #5-There is fuck all we can really do about it.


Am I the only one that is pissed off at the way legalization has been handled? Surely there are some of you who can relate when I say it gives me a queasy feeling in my gut when I think that the same people, who for years made my life a constant struggle to not get busted, and who threw my friends and family members into crappy jail cells for consuming pot, are now making a huge buck off of the sale of weed. I know it’s wrong, but what really sucks is that there is nothing I can do about it either. The government is this huge machine with deep pockets and if they want to control cannabis, then that’s what is going to happen. There is nothing any of us can do about it. Not cool and reason #5.




Reason #6-They Treat Us Like We Are Idiots


It feels like the government is treating us like we are idiots with their silly warnings and lame attempts at disguising their real intentions behind legalization. Protect the children. Pfhht, Ya right. The children have been safe the whole time. I never heard any stories growing up of a bunch of children dying because of weed. It doesn’t happen. The kids are fine. The government thinks we are idiots that can’t put our jars of weed away and that we leave our babies to run around and play in our weed stashes while we are sleeping off a cannabis bender.


How many children do you know of that were hurt from getting their hands on weed before legalization? ZERO. How many people got injured or sickened from black market weed before legalization? My guess is it’s a pretty low number. And in the times when weed was involved in some serious tragedy or death, I am betting that alcohol was present there as well and probably played a more significant role in the situation.


The fact is that the consumers of weed in Canada are not idiots. We know how to hide our weed from our kids at least. Hell, we learned how to hide it from the cops for over 100 years, so we got pretty good at it. We can choose to not drive stoned. Oh wait, we might have to because the government won’t allow delivery.


What I am saying is that the people that use weed are not dumb people. They arent the criminals the government wants you to think they are. They are us. They are you and me. Let that sink in for a second. If you buy a gram from a friend who grows weed, just like you have for 15 years, you are still a criminal. That’s how legal weed is now. SO maybe they are right. Maybe we are idiots for letting this happen. Either way its reason #6 on my list.




Reason #7 – If It’s Legal Now, Why Are We Still Getting Busted?


Today I read a news story about a guy in Manitoba who got pulled over in a traffic stop and they found a few pounds of weed in the trunk of his car. Guess what? Busted. That doesn’t sound like cannabis is legal. The real truth is that nothing’s changed a damn bit.




Reason #8- The list of former cops and anti-pot types who are now selling us weed is HUGE!


Here are 20 of these fence jumping characters who are now making a killing from the legalization of weed.


  1. Chuck Rifici -Former CFO of the Liberal Party of Canada and a founder and former CEO of Canopy Growth Corp. and Tweed Marijuana Inc., the country’s largest licensed producer.
  2. Mark Zekulin -President of Canopy Growth (also the company’s legal counsel) and former senior adviser to ex-Ontario finance minister Dwight Duncan.
  3. Norman Inkster -Former head of the RCMP and now Independent Director at Mettrum Health Corp, which was acquired by Canopy Growth on January 31, 2017.
  4. George Smitherman -Former Minister of Health is an investor and director of licensed producer THC Meds Ontario.
  5. Ernie Eves – Former Ontario PC leader and premier now Chairman of Timeless Herbal Care
  6. Julian Fantino – Former Conservative MP, OPP commissioner and Toronto police chief, is pushing pot as executive chair of Aleafia Inc., a Vaughan-based referral clinic.
  7. Joshua Tepper – President of Health Quality Ontario, which guides health policy in the province and Independent Advisor to Mettrum.
  8. John Reynolds – Former Reform and Canadian Alliance MP and current advisor to Vodis Pharmaceuticals Inc. Says he’s never smoked pot and doesn’t want to, which should tell you all you need to know about why he’s shilling for Big Pharma.
  9. Senator Larry Campbell -Former RCMP officer and Vancouver mayor, the independent senator now Advisor to Vodis.
  10. Mike Harcourt -Former BC premier and mayor of Vancouver now Chair of True Leaf Medicine Inc.
  11. Herb Dhaliwal -Former Vancouver MP and federal cabinet minister now Chair of NG Biomed
  12. Kash Heed -Former BC solicitor general and former chief constable of West Vancouver police department. Headed up drug squad with Vancouver Police Department now a strategic consultant with licensed producer-hopeful National Green BioMed
  13. Cam Battley -Former legislative assistant to the Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs now appointed COO for Aurora Cannabis.
  14. Neil Belot -chief business development officer for Aurora Cannabis Inc.and Former public servant in several ministries within the Ontario government.
  15. Jake Ryan -Former RCMP Intelligence Officer and federal criminal investigator now Director of Security for B.C.-based supplier Tilray.
  16. Barry Daniel – Former Abbotsford police chief now an Advisor to B.C.-based Wildflower Marijuana Inc.
  17. Joe Oliver – Finance Minister and Minister of Natural Resources now Chairman of PlantExt
  18. Raf Souccar – Souccar, former RCMP deputy commissioner who spent decades on the force, is Fantino’s business partner. His current role is president and CEO of Aleafia Total Health Network.
  19. Derek Ogden – Ogden is the former head of the RCMP’s drug squad whose new job is president of National Access Cannabis
  20. Bill Blair – Former Toronto police chief now a Liberal MP as well as the party’s point person for heading up weed legalization.




18 Reasons Legalization Has Failed  part 2




Reason #8 – Corporate Weed Doesn’t Care About You.


They didn’t have your best interest at heart before legalization. So why do you think they have it after legalization? Of course, they don’t. It’s about money and greed. Weed should be free if you really want to know the truth. Every house should have an aloe vera plant and a weed plant for home remedies.




Reason #9 – Even Gene Simmons of KISS is in on this now.


The fattest pig at the trough, can’t resist the smell of big easy money. So much so he renounced his old position about weed and now says he’s has been enlightened. Now weed is good he says. What a joke of a man. That guy will sell out his children if he could make a buck off of it. Oh wait, he did. What a sellout. KISS sucks now too. Just saying.




Reason #10 – I Don’t Want to Drink My Cannabis


I don’t want cannabis beer. Or fresh cannabis smoothies with chia seeds. I don’t want to get high by drinking my THC. And I don’t want my CBD either to tell you the truth. If it’s already in there that’s fine, as long as it doesn’t ruin the stank of my dank. I just want my weed back. In a plastic sandwich bag or in a sheet of really torn tinfoil preferably. You see, this is what Big Pharma doesn’t realize. If we wanted weed beverages, we would have made them years ago. If we wanted weed pills, we would have made them too. But weed is best when it’s smoked. Pure and simple. The way mother nature intended. Not all processed and packaged into a stupid gel capsule. Give the government a few years and we will no longer be able to smoke weed. Just drink it or pop it in a pill. That’s what they want. There is more money in it for them if they process it first.




Reason #11 – You Need a Degree to Sell Weed Now


Now you need a college degree to get into the weed business. If you were a criminal before legalization well guess what? You still are after legalization. In fact, you can’t even be in the weed business. The very industry you helped grow out of nothing, you have been blacklisted from.


And guess who has it now. The people that used to put you in jail for smoking weed. That is who you are buying weed from when you go to a government dispensary. I say screw that. I support my local black market instead.




Reason #13 – They Kicked the Emeries Out of the Industry


Marc and Jodie Emery need a mention here. Their stance in front of the government assembly a year ago was a brilliant moment in history. They didn’t sell out. They gave it to them old government cronies good. I highly recommend everyone watch Marc and Jodie tear apart the government’s plan in their own arena. These two people have paid more than their share of dues for weed. I am sure they could have sold out a hundred times and had their names branded on some chain of government weed stores. But they didn’t. So, the government kicks them out of the industry entirely or face life in jail. It’s probably one of the most unjust things Ive ever seen in my life. And its reason #13 why legalization needs to fail in Canada.




Reason #14 – They Should Have Let Private Business Handle This


Isn’t it weird how the government has its hand in every legal vice there is? Come to think of it, they made these vices legal so they could get their hands in them. Not for the benefit of society. They wanted the money. All this talk about saving the children and keeping the money out of the hands of criminals is just smoke and mirrors. They should have just stayed out of it and let private business handle the job. I am sure we would have self -regulated our industry just fine. We managed to live this long without them, didn’t we? I mean, would private business lose $42Million in its first year selling weed? Not a chance. But guess what. The OCS managed to lose $42 Million in its first year selling weed. Who loses money selling weed? The government does, that’s who. So much for tax benefits coming back to the people. The taxes didn’t even cover what it cost to takes for the government to hold a Tuesday morning meeting. So bloated and under-productive. They need to get the hell out of business. And that’s reason #14.




Reason #15 – They Havent Pardoned Those Who Are in Jail Still for Weed


How mad would you be if you were still sitting in jail on a pot conviction, when society has now deemed your crime as not a crime anymore. It is just more insult on top of insult. I will never understand how we, as Canadians, allow such blatant wrongs, to continue to occur, again and again and again, for years upon years upon years. For shame, Canada. For shame.




Reason #16 – The new dispensaries are ridiculous. (Alberta)


I got ID’d twice between entering the store and getting to the teller. Twice! And I am old. How dumb must a person feel when they are told they have to ID an old person? Pretty fucking dumb I bet. Then there are the heroes they hire for these places. Young 20 somethings who think a job in a weed store will be cool. But nope. Wrong again. Its about as cool as working at any other store in a strip mall. Which really isnt very cool at all. And who’s idea was it to make dispensaries look like Apple stores anyways? The pipes they sell are so overpriced its not even funny. I mean, how big is this ‘Soccer Mom with a Gucci bag’ market segment anyways? These stores are certainly not catering to the heavy cannabis user. These stores are waaaaaay to bright. Would a couple black lights kill them? How about a 3d hologram of dogs playing cards or something? How about a huge plasma ball? Hey, how about an actual weed plant? You know, cool shit. I don’t imagine the other provinces being any better.




Reason #17– I Was Fine with the way it was.


As I look back now, I was just fine with the way things were. I understood how the game worked. And I could navigate around it pretty well. I could get my weed when I wanted it and everyone just went about their business with out much attention. Now, the whole world is watching us fuck this up. Its embarrassing.




Reason #18 – I Miss being part of the Brotherhood of Weed


I miss the brotherhood we used to have when weed was illegal. I miss the silent nods we would give to each other as we, two complete strangers, stood in some bank line together, one of us reeking of a recently smoked joint, the other giving us the club sign, a slight head nod and a smile. We were free. We didn’t live by their dumbass laws. Weed was a sign of freedom. It was illegal as hell to have it, and it stank so bad you might as well shoot off a flare gun with a big flag saying, “hey everybody, I’m smoking weed here”. And that made it a bit dangerous. But I was free to take that risk, knowing it was a dumb law and I could still put my fist up and stick it to the man every time I lit up a joint. That’s how I felt. Fuck you, man. It was my way of showing I was still free from the tyranny of government and their archaic system that moves way to slow for these modern times. It was my way of being a bit of an outlaw. It was my way of showing I don’t like their system. It isn’t working for me. I felt free. Now I just feel dirty.






These are the things that came to mind this evening. It wasn’t very hard to find a bunch of reasons why I don’t like legalization. Give me a few more minutes and I bet I can come up with 20 more. I wonder if I could think of 20 reasons why I want legalization to succeed. Right now, I can’t think of even one.




Corporate weed sucks.
















Cannabis Free Market

Cannabis Free MarketIt sounds like the legal cannabis dispensaries have had a tough time in their first year in business. Despite cannabis becoming “legal’ in Canada, the government’s plan has more of less fallen on its face big time. Or has it?

 For those of us who frequent the cannabis black market or ‘free market’ as many like to call it, whether as a buyer or a seller, the new government system has only made the black market more accessible. Its hasn’t really gotten much bigger per se, it’s always been enormous, but now the market is national, and not just local. Its huge. People in Nova Scotia can browse cannabis menus and order online from growers in BC so easily that anyone can do it.

 No one on the black market is worried in the slightest about getting bad weed. It just really doesn’t happen anymore. The cheapest cannabis Ive seen which sold for $500/lb., was still pretty good cannabis. And the stuff I saw for $2400/lb. was stellar. I mean, incredible. Five stars plus kind of stuff. And why wouldn’t it be?

 The cannabis growing community in Canada is strong. Supported by growers with medical licenses that have scripts for up to 1000 plants in some cases, there is not shortage of weed at all on the black market. There is no way they would put out garbage product. It wouldn’t sell for one. And they would probably feel bad about it too.

 I procured a menu from one the many new wholesalers that have sprung up to meet the demand, and its amazing! 30 different strains in 4 different grades, and prices as low as $2.50 per gram. That’s right $2.50 per gram. Delivered. To your door. WTF?

 This is what the black-market consumer has come to expect. And it will be a long time before the government can change those expectations. So, putting any sort of limit on it is pointless. They should open up the whole thing to everyone. There is no doubt the system will run better and pay more taxes than with the government running it into debt.

 There is the company I know well that provides same day delivery of cannabis, right to your door, often in just an hour. They operate in one major Canadian city with plans of franchising their delivery system, which is very similar to Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats. They have apps for customer, apps for drivers, central dispatch, e-commerce site, social media pages, live chat, e-mail/SMS marketing campaigns, multi-store inventory management systems, loyalty points, order delivery tracking in real time, the list goes on. These guys operate just like a regular business would. Except they are illegal in the eyes of the government and Health Canada. This company provides safe, discreet, friendly to-your-door service in less than an hour. Their menu is incredible with at least 40 strains of loose flower, a dozen kinds of pre-rolls, gummies, cookies, brownies, trail mixes, extracts like shatter, resins, oils, and hashish in a half dozen varieties from around the world. But the best part of the whole thing is that they arent restricted in their advertising, so it’s fun and playful, even at times edgy. One brand makes light of the fact that they are sticking it to the man.

 If you were to spend even a few minutes in one of the countless grassroots forums on the internet you would be able to sense the dissatisfaction of the people who use cannabis a lot. They are boycotting the dispensaries, and no one has picked up on this yet.

 Whats particularly interesting about this scenario is that no one seems to be managing this boycott. Its almost like inherently the heavy cannabis user community knows that something isnt right with the dispensary system and has just said stay away, much the same way they do with police. This is still the generation that grew up with pot being illegal, so they are very comfortable operating the way they were. Many have been in business for decades and forms being said, they havent done anything but get much better at what they do. From growing to trimming to delivering the goods, everything has been bumped up into modern times and fueled by technology as this generation is in their 30’s 40’s and 50’s and they know how to integrate systems and run e-commerce stores.

 The government in Canada’s screw up of the cannabis industry is so colossal it’s become a national embarrassment.

 Who other than the government could step in and take over a profitable industry and turn it into a bottomless pit of negative cashflows and negative balances? They can even put anyone who tries to compete with them in jail, and they still made a huge mess of everything.

 Such a shame too. It looked like Canada was going to be a pioneer of sorts in the legal cannabis game, but one year into legalization and that opportunity is long gone. The US in only a few short months shot past Canada as the world leader in cannabis retailing and brand development. Investors turned their backs and took back their money from the Canadian producers to the point where some Licensed Producers stock value is down 75%! How is that even possible.


The fact was the government greed got the nest of them and just like alcohol, cigarettes, and gambling, they thought cannabis should be under their control. To save Canadians from themselves is what they said to us. Apparently, Canadians cannot keep cannabis out of the hands of their children’s hands and leave piles of cannabis all over the house. Even worse they make it into gummies and then leave those in candy dishes for their children to die on. Of course, this is nonsense. The only thing the government saves us from is having any extra money. They leave us with just enough for us to get by and maybe a nit extra for those who find a way to beat the system.

What is going to happen form here on I wonder? People my age (45-60) seem fed up in most social media posts I read. My generation watched out parents work their whole lives and in the end all they had was their houses for retirement. No savings. No pension to speak of. And we saw the numbers on CPP. We weren’t going to be able to fund the CPP payouts by the time we are supposed to retire. For the most part many of us have just concluded that we will have to work until we die too. But that hasn’t stopped us from telling our children of the perils they face ahead. My kids are well aware of the possibility of change in the way things are run in Canada. They play games about revolution online which is subtly preparing them for the upcoming revolt. Revolution is cool. It better work this time.



Black Market Weed Delivery

Would someone please tell me what is so wrong about the black market anyways. I am only referring to weed here. Babies and kidneys don’t count. Same with pharmaceutical drugs or anything that is synthesized by man. The only type of black market I am referring to is the black market for cannabis. It should have its own folder rather than be lumped in with everything else from Chinese knock-offs to human slaves. What is so damn wrong about the weed black market?

It’s my position that the black cannabis market has caught a bad name. We all now know how wrong prohibition was. What an enormous waste of money it was and how it propelled the price of cannabis to over $3000/lb at one point.  Tomatoes, by comparison, are $3/lb. But that isnt the fault of the people who use cannabis. When the government made cannabis illegal and put it in the same category as heroin, they instantly put the kibosh on any studies or experiments of cannabis for over 100 years. Obviously, there was a motive behind doing this. Most likely someone who had some clout with the government and who also owned a pharmaceutical company said ‘Whoa, wait a minute. This cannabis is a therapeutic medicine. We can’t have that messing up our sales of pain pills and arthritis creams. Make it illegal and we won’t have to worry too much about it”

But what they didn’t plan for was the devastation to  a quarter of the population that use cannabis ended up facing. Families were torn apart as husbands and mothers were thrown in jails, fined thousands of dollars, lost their homes, had their children taken away from them…the list goes one. Its almost unbelievable that we, as humans, could let something so wrong, happen to so many, for so long. But we did. And we are paying the price now. Broken homes, people resorting to stealing to feed their families because of criminal charges…again the list goes on and on. It will take generations to recover from the chaos and destruction prohibition brought upon the people of Canada.

It only was a matter of time before someone in the government caught on to what was happening at the grassroots level. They finally smelled the money. That’s what it was. That’s why the government got into cannabis. Tax money. Not medicine or recreation, it’s because they lost a court battle and they smelled the money.

Now the government has got a hold of the ball for a couple of rushes. And look…they fumbled already. But at the same time, they’ve spoken to “hundreds” of people on how to best handle cannabis. I guess those hundred people were non-cannabis users because the information the government received did not express the thoughts of those who use cannabis regularly. Not even close.

The cannabis black market is not the criminals the government wants you to believe. The cannabis black market is your uncles and sisters and brothers and cousins and neighbours. It’s even you if you’ve used cannabis in the last hundred years

What’s sad is that every day I read how the black market is criminals that lace the weed with fentanyl, or speed, and park outside schools dishing out their unique candy. Heres the one fact I know. Around where I live – mid-size-western- a city of just over a million, the black market is getting us by. Everyone I know buys from or is involved in the cannabis black market in some form or other. And that’s cool with me. Legalization sucks so far.

Long story short. The black market is you and me. It’s us they are talking about when they refer to cannabis criminals. Not them. Us. Be careful about what you do with us.